First time for everything

With the upcoming short story competition, I decided that it was finally time for me to post one of my short stories online. But which?

You see, I have written short stories but… they’ve never been… right. Not quite ready. Always in need of a tweak here. Expansion there. Or I’ve just not been wowed by them.

In short, I gave myself many excuses not to publish them. Not to let them into the world.

Well, not today.

In the vein of The Blank Page Challenge, I decided that today was the day. Right on cue, an idea for a short story started growing in my mind whilst walking the dogs today. It started as an image. Something about a church. Nothing big just a stirring in my mind.

Heading home I resolved that TODAY I would write, edit and post my first short story. Better yet, the story was set in the Walls of Tartarus world, some where I am quite enjoying at the moment.

Sitting down at my desk, cup of tea to one side, music in my ears and we began.


It was a close run thing at some points. I didn’t like some bits. Others felt clumsy or badly formed. But after some supportive feedback from my Critique Partner (CP), Avrin, and some adjustments from her, I took a deep breath and posted it.

I have to say, it was tougher than I thought. Like waiting for exam results. Would I pass? Would I get a load of silence? Worse, would I get laughter?

No. As ever from the amazing writing community, I received enthusiasm, advice, support and help. More than I could ever ask for.

Better than that, I also received a lot of compliments. People liked it.

So, what did you think or, if you’ve not read it, why don’t you see what you think? I’d love to know!

Check out my first short story, Hunter, right here.

As ever, follow for more stories to come and let me know your thoughts below.

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