Earth Reforged

When not writing blogs, my main focus is my Earth Reforged series of sci-fi novels set in the present day. There are a three books presently planned (to some degree) for Earth Reforged, with another three short stories interspersed between the main novels.

Is that all there will be? Honestly, I have no idea! Right now, the main focus is getting all of the ideas, plans, characters, pieces of dialogue and scenes out of my head and in front of you!

Relative Horizon – book 1, Earth Reforged series


For over forty-years, a fleet of spacecraft has orbited Earth in secret, the Exoterran fleet hangs, unseen above present day Earth.

Designed and built by Ethan Reid, a native of Scotland, the Exoterran fleet has a hand-picked crew  taken from Earth. Each crew member given the choice to explore the universe for the price of leaving Earth, never to return or communicate with loved ones again. Self sufficient and covert, this huge fleet has seen more than anyone on Earth can dream of.

So many years into the safe and peaceful exploration of the stars, events will unfold beyond Fleet Admiral Reid’s control, driving the Exoterrans, and humanity as a whole, in to a war which none may survive… 

Relative Horizon sets the stage for an explosive story of bravery, fear, hope and tragedy, set in a world you know and a universe that you don’t… yet.