My Work

As with any good writer, I practice my craft when ever I can; so I’m not all about the blog or the upcoming novel…

So, where else can you see my work? Well, I’ve written for a wide range of different companies, including my own. After all, if I wouldn’t put it on my own site, why would your put it on yours?

The pieces below cover the work that’s out there with my name against it, there’s plenty of others without my name on them, you win a cookie if you can find some of my ghost written work. Answers on a postcard if you do.


Relative Horizon (Book 1, Earth Reforged Series) – Work-in-progress, sci-fi

Short stories:

Dying in the Dark – Work-in-progress, sci-fi


February 2017 – Etsy Seller Handbook piece: How 4 Sellers Said “I Do” To Starting Their Wedding Business

May 2017 – Product release information for local gaming store for Infinity the game miniatures

September 2017 – Web trends piece for The Ninja Collective (TNC)

October 2017 – What is SEO for TNC

October 2017 – Introduction to Infinity, war gaming piece for local gaming store

October 2017 – Top five tips to start your new website for TNC

October 2017 – Top five ways to improve your SEO performance for TNC