New short story – The Sweetest Sorrow

Life is being pretty hectic over here at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten you all. I took some time away from my day job today to craft a new tale from the same world as Hunter, namely, The Walls of Tartarus.

Head on over to The Sweetest Sorrow to check it out and let me know what you think.


New short story – Sunday Morning

This week I shall mostly be kicking off our first Blank Page Short Story Challenge, not sure what I am on about? Check some of the earlier blogs!

That said, I don’t want to leave you guys all alone without me for a whole week; would I do that to you? No, no I wouldn’t!

So, head on over to the Short Story section of this site and read Sunday Morning, also, let me know what you think, okay?

More updates coming soon, but for now, have an awesome week!

First time for everything

With the upcoming short story competition, I decided that it was finally time for me to post one of my short stories online. But which?

You see, I have written short stories but… they’ve never been… right. Not quite ready. Always in need of a tweak here. Expansion there. Or I’ve just not been wowed by them.

In short, I gave myself many excuses not to publish them. Not to let them into the world.

Well, not today.

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It’s like a book, but shorter…

After the excitement of yesterday’s announcement, I was thinking about the feedback we’ve received and some of the thoughts of the more novel-focused parts of the community, me included.

There’s an assumption, in some circles, that crafting a good short story is easier than a novel; after all, it’s short, right? Less to do?

Whilst that’s certainly true, short stories present their own unique challenges, the biggest of which is their… well… shortness.

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Can I get a drum roll?

After the last few days and all of the amazing input for the wider community, I am pleased to announce that we WILL be proceeding with the new short story competition!

Thank you all for your input and enthusiasm, I now have a panel of judges and a growing support team around me, ready to make this happen and run it going forward.

So, without further ado, I am pleased to announce that this grand undertaking will be called…

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