…apparently it DOES sound like a good idea?

EDIT: We’ve been working hard on this so, you can find out more about The Blank Page Challenge right here!

Well, that was unexpected.

In the last 24 hours my idea for a short story competition has really taken off. I’ve had some amazing support from the writing community, made new friends, been given some really helpful feedback and, yes, it’s been really unexpected. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out the blog post here

So, to all of you now following this blog, joining me on Twitter or Facebook… thank you. I am really pleased and humbled that my mad-cap idea has been greeted with such enthusiasm. Really. Wow.

light-sign-typography-lighting (1)

And that includes to those who didn’t want to be involved or thought it was a bad idea. Your feedback is welcome and taken on board too.

But, where are we now?

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Does this sound like a good idea to you?

EDIT: As we have decided it IS a good idea, you can read more about The Blank Page Challenge and the team behind it right here! Thanks to everyone who voted. 

The last few days on Twitter have been, for me, about community. I’ve had a particularly caustic interaction with a stranger, some great private chats with good friends and some awesome chat sessions too, it’s really brought home to me how lucky I am to have you all about me.

We live in a time where distance is bridged in the blink of an eye to give us friends across the globe. Friends who can advise, share, support and alleviate the isolation which, sometimes, can seem the lot of an author.Read More »

4 rules for starting your writer’s platform

Starting out as a writer can be overwhelming; you have one hundred things to do, advice coming from all angles and suddenly you need to have opinions on things. Where do you stand on first-person vs third? Do you think that “show don’t tell” is a rule or an option? Is grammar relevant in your first-draft manuscript? All this and more comes in at head-height whilst you’re still trying to figure out which way up your keyboard’s USB cable plugs in.

But, in amongst all that noise you’ll hear a word. See it written. And it will seem like something which everyone “knows” about. Like you should have knowledge of what it is as soon as you think about writing your first work. And the word is “platform”.

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Plans for 2018, inspiration and an excerpt

First off, happy New Year to you all, I hope each and everyone of you had an amazing festive season and are ready for a happy, healthy and productive New Year!


As I start my first full year as a self-professed writer, I’ve been thinking a lot about my plans for 2018, my hopes, aspirations and ideas. It’s always an exciting and daunting time when you start out in a new job, never more so than when it’s one on your own. You’re surrounded by questions which you’re simply not equipped to deal with.Read More »